An Open Letter From Kristo Langker

XD Law

June 19, 2021

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Two weeks ago my mum and girlfriend were assaulted by NSW terror police who invaded our home after they shackled me on the ground outside.

Both of them were left injured and in pain. They are both still traumatised.

Since then, I have been falsely accused in the media – and legally gagged from responding to their claims as I am still trapped in the Kafkaesque world of the Fixated Persons Unit, NSW Counter Terrorism Command.

It is ironic that I would be a breach of my bail if I purchased some of these papers with the images of an individual they contain.

Despite these chilling events what seems to pique the interest of too many journalists is manipulating Jordan’s jokes out of context and resurrecting old manufactured press controversies.

All while I risk jail if I dare respond or defend myself. Bizarre.

Thank you to those who have offered support this week.

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Written By XD Law

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