Crowd Funding Campaigns

Xenophon Davis is a public interest law firm that offers low-bono representation to clients facing court for whistleblowing and exposing issues of public and corporate accountability.

Low-bono means keeping our costs as low as they can be throughout this process – both to ensure our clients can continue their defence if the process draws on, and to minimise the financial hardship traditionally faced by those persecuted for exposing the powerful.

However, the nature of the legal system means that costs accumulate. While our opponents often have deep pockets to draw from, the same can’t be said for our clients – especially those who have risked their careers to expose injustice.

Thankfully, crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe have offered a way to offset this imbalance – providing our clients a new way to raise money to support their legal defence.

We are proud to work with, and defend, these brave truth tellers – and believe their cases will leave have lasting impact on our democracy. We thank everyone who has helped make this possible through their generous contributions.

“This is what an authoritarian state does” – Nick Xenophon

David McBride is facing life in prison for blowing the whistle on war crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

If his prosecution goes ahead, his treatment will remain a chilling warning to every member of the ADF to turn a bling eye to similar crimes in the future.

“A case that goes to the heart of a citizen’s right to challenge, investigate and criticise politicians” – Mark Davis

YouTube comedian and journalist Jordan Shanks, aka FriendlyJordies, is facing a financially crippling defamation suit over a series of videos he made that exposed the questionable behaviour of the NSW Deputy Premier.

The ability to hold politicians to account is paramount for our democracy – and Jordan’s case represents an important defence of this principal.

“It’s an honour to represent Troy Stolz, who is up against the power of gambling and lobbying behemoth that is ClubsNSW” – Nick Xenophon

Troy Stolz, a former ClubsNSW anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing manager, blew the whistle last year on the extent of money laundering through poker machines in pubs and clubs.

Stolz has since been sued by ClubsNSW for ‘breaching confidentiality’, and subjected to an attempted gag order to stop him speaking to the press.

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