Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker’s arrest could come before police watchdog: Attorney-General

Henri Scott

July 6, 2023

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Original Source: news.com.au, Anton Nilsson

Police have dropped charges against Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker, but the YouTuber’s legal drama may not be over.

A police watchdog could probe the conduct of police who arrested a YouTube producer accused of stalking the former NSW Deputy Premier.

Attorney-General Mark Speakman told a budget estimates hearing on Wednesday the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission would possibly be asked to review the matter.

Police dropped their charges against Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker last week.

Kristo Langker, pictured with Jordan Shanks. Photo: NCA NewsWire / Damian Shaw

He was arrested by the NSW Police’s fixated persons unit at his home in Dulwich Hill last June and charged with two counts of stalking or intimidating the then-Deputy Premier, John Barilaro.

“I‘d expect that if a private citizen has a complaint about that, they will take it to LECC, and if they don’t, then I’ll consider what I might do,” Mr Speakman said.

The Attorney-General said he wouldn‘t offer his personal opinion on the matter, saying the courts and the LECC were two independent bodies capable of handling any complaints.

“I’m not across all the detail (of the case) and I’m not required to be,” Mr Speakman said.

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman said it’s possible the case may be reviewed. Photo: NCA NewsWire / Christian Gilles

“I understand impressions that can be given by withdrawing the charges, and I certainly understand the criticism of the police action in that matter.

“I don’t think that as a member of the executive, I should be giving any commentary that hints at whether the LECC should or should not uphold any complaint that is made.”

Mr Langker is expected to receive a five-figure payout, and police were also ordered to pay his $12,000 legal bill.

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Written By Henri Scott

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